Our mission
Uphold the dignity of locally recruited employees (“LRP”) who are members and
preserve, strengthen and protect human and trade union rights.
Negotiate, conclude and provide education on collective agreements.Enhance members’ productivity, contribute to corporate competitiveness, and promote industrial peace.
Promote the physical, psychological, spiritual, moral, cultural, political and economic
well-being of members.Build alliances, forge partnerships and work concertedly with civil society organizations and
social partnersParticipate effectively in the formulation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of
members’ conditions of service and employment rights as well as employers’ policies


To protect, promote and advance the interests of members.
To mediate and build a fresh and cordial relationship between LRP employed by missions accredited to South Africa

To use every legitimate means to recruit new members.
To plan and organize its administration and lawful activities.
To affiliate with and participate in the affairs of any international workers organization.
To promote or oppose any proposed legislative or any other measures affecting the interest of members.
To take the necessary measures, legal or otherwise, to ensure the speedy resolution of any employment dispute between members and their employers.